2024 Lok Sabha general election dates to be announced tomorrow

2024 Lok Sabha general election dates to be announced tomorrow

2024 Lok Sabha general election dates to be announced tomorrow

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The Election Commission stated on Friday (15th March) that it will make the schedule for tomorrow’s Lok Sabha and state assembly elections public.

As per further information from the Election Commission of India “Press Conference by Election Commission to announce schedule for General Elections 2024 & some State Assemblies will be held at 3 pm tomorrow i.e. Saturday, 16th March. It will live streamed on social media platforms of the ECI.”

The announcement of the Model Code of Conduct will take effect immediately. It is a set of rules regarding speeches, announcements, election manifestos, and general behaviour that the Election Commission has issued for the political parties, candidates, government, and ruling party during the polls.

The current Lok Sabha’s term expires on June 16, and a new House must be established prior to that date.

The last Lok Sabha elections were announced on March 10, 2019 & took place in seven phases starting on April 11. May 23 was the vote counting day.

The two recently appointed election commissioners, Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, joined the poll panel on the same day that the Election Commission announced the poll schedule.

Two positions became available for election commissioners at the Election Commission of India when Anup Chandra Pandey retired on February 14 and Arun Goel abruptly resigned last week.

The political contest between the Congress-led INDIA bloc and the PM Narendra Modi-led NDA government will also be framed by this announcement.

The Election Commission announced earlier this month that the largest electorate ever for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is 96.88 crore people who have registered to vote.

The voters’ list now includes two crore youth voters, or those between the ages of 18 and 29.

Shreyas Vange