8.7% Surge In Ridership And 14.43% In Revenue Of Central Railway In FY 2023-24

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The fiscal year 2023-24 proved to be a year of numerous highs for Central Railway (CR). With an astounding ridership of 1,449.53 million and a stunning INR 6700.80 crore income, the CR experienced an 8.7% and 14.43% rise in both parameters compared to the previous fiscal year.

The CR’s success skyrocketed as it also ranked top in non-fare revenue generation. Its earnings of INR 110.99 crore represent a 40.74% increase over the previous fiscal year. The Western Railway ranked second in non-fare revenue, while its Northern equivalent ranked second in ridership.

A CR official stated that the outstanding financial performance included the awarding of 12 tenders via e-auction, with an annual licence fee of INR 9.83 crore. Notable contracts include the installation of battery-powered carts at major stations and the maintenance of AC dorms and retirement rooms at LTT.