Actor Nitish Bharadwaj alleges abuse in marriage; claims he was abused

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Trouble continues to brew between Mahabharat star Nitish Bharadwaj and his estranged wife Smita Bharadwa, with both parties levelling serious allegations against each other. In a recent interview, Nitish made shocking claims, alleging that he faced various forms of abuse in his marriage.

Nitish revealed, “In this marriage, I have faced extreme amounts of abuse of all sorts, and even now with parental alienation, my two children are being taken away from me.” He recounted an emotional moment where his 11-year-old daughter expressed disgust in calling him her father, highlighting the distressing situation.

Expressing his struggle to cope with the ongoing turmoil, Nitish addressed his wife’s accusation of him asking for money. He clarified, “It’s a lie that I am asking for money. I’m asking for my money that I was cheated of. I feel I’m cheated. So today, it is my children’s battle I’m fighting.”

Last month, Nitish filed a police complaint against Smita Gate, accusing her of harassment and unruly behaviour. He alleged that she prevented him from meeting their twin daughters and interfered with their schooling to hinder his access to them, adversely affecting his mental health.

Nitish, renowned for his portrayal of Lord Krishna in Mahabharat, has filed an FIR against his ex-wife Smita Gate, citing mental harassment and unruly behaviour. Their divorce, finalized in 2022, followed mutual filings in 2018. The custody battle for their twin daughters remains unresolved as the case is pending in court.