Ashwini Vaishnaw Shares Glimpse Of Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Features

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The Union Railways Minister keeps sharing regular updates about the developments in his departments. Recently, he took to X to share a spectacular video of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad train corridor, also known as the ‘Bullet train.’ The video emphasises the amazing features of the project.

With a top speed of 320 km/h, the bullet train is predicted to cut the 508 kilometres between Mumbai and Ahmedabad into a mere 2 hours of travel time. For the bullet train line, 24 river crossings and 28 steel bridges are being built.

The project is referred to in the ad as the “future of India” and “a marvel of world-class engineering.” Sharing the video on X, Ashwini Vaishnaw wrote, ”We weave reality not dreams. Stay tuned for Bullet train in Modi 3.0!”

Since construction on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor started in November 2021, the project has advanced steadily. The first leg of the Indian bullet train, a 50-kilometer route in Gujarat between Bilimora and Surat, will be ready by August 2026, according to a statement made by the Railway Minister in 2023.

The Railways will run 35 bullet trains in its first phase of running operations, with around 70 trips per day. If everything goes well, the number will increase gradually. It is aiming to run 105 trains by 2050. Around 1.6 crore passengers are expected to commute by train every year after it starts operating on the designated route.

The expected cost of the project is INR 1.08 lakh crore, of which 10,000 crore would come from the Centre and INR 5,000 crore each from Gujarat and Maharashtra. The remaining funds will be obtained at a minimum interest rate of 0.1 percent through a loan from Japan.