Axis Bank cracks down on suspected manufactured spending on Axis Atlas Credit cards

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Axis Bank’s Atlas Credit Card has garnered attention for its generous rewards, but the bank is now targeting users suspected of gaming the system through manufactured spending. Reports indicate that Axis Bank has locked out numerous users from their EDGE Rewards accounts and zeroed out their EDGE Miles balances. 

The bank is scrutinizing transactions made under the “Travel” category from November 2023 to February 2024, particularly those involving online travel agencies like Cleartrip. Users have received emails asking for clarification on these transactions and have been given a 30-day notice period to prove that their spending was personal. 

Axis Bank emphasizes that their credit cards are intended for personal use only and warns against mixing personal and business expenses. While the crackdown aims to deter unfair reward accumulation, innocent users may also be affected. 

Experts advise against using personal credit cards for business expenses, as banks draw a strict line between personal and business usage.