BGauss Launches RUV350 – Cutting-Edge Electric Vehicle for Modern Riders

BGauss launched RUV350 in Mumbai

BGauss launched RUV350 in Mumbai

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  • Made in India for Indian Riders: Developed and manufactured in India, tailored to the needs of Indian riders.
  • 16 inch alloy Wheels with helmet storage space: The only two-wheeler in India to have such storage space with larger wheels. 
  • Robust Metal Body: Provides durability, safety, and improved ride quality.
  • High-Performance InWheel Hyper Drive Motor: Efficient and reliable motor for powerful and smooth acceleration.
  • Extra riding comfort with bigger stroke suspension and Advanced Nitrox shock absorbers:  Ensures a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

  • Smart Connectivity Features: 5 inch TFT display – The TFT display provides real-time information such as call notifications, turn by turn navigation, dual theme, photometric adaptive display for day and night mode, document storage, auto brightness, distance to empty. 
  •  Innovative Design and Superior Performance: RUV350 boasts an innovative design and superior performance, prioritizing rider comfort and advanced engineering. 
  • Smart vehicle features: The vehicle has hill hold , cruise control, FallSense , reverse mode and regenerative braking.
  • Battery technology: BG provides cutting-edge battery tech with long life LFP cells suitable for Indian high temperatures with superior thermal management and 35 safety features along with a warranty extendable upto 1,00,000 kms. 
  • Eco-Friendly and Economical: Zero emissions and low maintenance requirements.
Mr. Hemant Kabra, Founder and Managing Director of BGauss with their newest model, RUV350

Mumbai, June 25, 2024: BGauss, from the promoters of RR Global, proudly announces the launch of its latest model, the RUV350. RUV marks a significant milestone in urban mobility, blending cutting-edge technology with exceptional design to deliver an unmatched riding experience.

The BGauss RUV350 will be available for purchase starting July at all 120 BGauss dealerships. Competitively priced from Rs. 1,09,999/- (ex-showroom), the vehicle offers various financing options to make it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Mr. Hemant Kabra, Founder and Managing Director, BGauss, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the BGaussRUV350, a revolutionary vehicle designed to redefine urban mobility. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the RUV350’s advanced features, robust design, and superior performance, ensuring a seamless and efficient riding experience. The RUV350 is not only a testament to our technological prowess but also aligns with the Make in India initiative, showcasing our dedication to producing high-quality, home grown products. By prioritizing rider convenience and sustainability, the RUV350 stands as a symbol of progress and a significant step towards a cleaner, greener future. We believe this vehicle will set new benchmarks in the electric two-wheeler market.”

Advanced Engineering for Urban Commuters

Meticulously engineered to meet the diverse needs of urban commuters, the BGauss RUV350 is powered by a high-performance InWheel hyper drive motor, emphasizing efficiency and reliability. Unlike traditional belt-driven systems, the RUV350’s direct drive motor minimizes energy loss, resulting in superior efficiency and enhanced performance. This innovative design enables powerful and smooth acceleration, essential for navigating urban environments with ease.

Superior Performance and Versatility

The standout feature of the RUV350 is its gradeability, allowing it to effortlessly manage steep inclines, making it a versatile choice for varied terrains. Whether commuting in hilly urban areas or on flat city roads, the RUV350 ensures a stable and dependable ride.

Durability and Safety

Durability and safety are integral to the RUV350’s design. The vehicle boasts a robust metal body that not only enhances durability but also provides an additional layer of safety for the rider. This sturdy construction is complemented by 16-inch wheels, offering enhanced stability and control. The larger wheel size improves ride quality, enabling smoother navigation over potholes and uneven urban surfaces.

Rider Comfort and Convenience

The RUV350 is designed with rider comfort and convenience in mind. It features an ergonomic seating arrangement that ensures comfort even during prolonged commutes. Additionally, the spacious under-seat storage allows riders to conveniently carry their essentials. The advanced suspension system further enhances ride comfort by effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

Modern Features and Connectivity

Equipped with a range of modern features, the RUV350 aims to enhance the rider’s overall experience. The digital display provides real-time information such as call notifications, turn by turn navigation, live vehicle tracking , geo fencing , vehicle immobilisation, dual theme , photometric adaptive display for day and night mode , document storage , speed, battery status, and range, ensuring riders have all necessary information readily available. Furthermore, the vehicle includes smart connectivity features like Bluetooth and telematics enabling riders to stay connected and navigate with ease.

Eco-Friendly and Economical

The RUV350 is not only a high-performance vehicle but also an environmentally friendly option. Its electric powertrain produces zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. The vehicle’s efficient design and low maintenance requirements make it an economical choice for urban commuters, offering significant savings compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

Setting New Standards in the Electric Two-Wheeler Market

The BGauss RUV350 exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. With its advanced features, robust design, and superior performance, the RUV350 sets a new standard in the electric two-wheeler market. It is the ideal choice for urban commuters seeking a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Variants, top features and prices

 RUV 350i EXRUV 350 EXRUV 350 Max
Top Speed75 km/h75 km/h75 km/h
True Range90 km90 km120 km
DisplaySegmented Display5” Smart TFT Display5” Smart TFT Display
Smart Vehicle FeaturesCruise Control | Hill Hold | FOTA | FallSense | Turn By Turn Navigation | Call NotificationCruise Control | Hill Hold | FOTA | FallSense | Turn By Turn Navigation | Call Notification
Colours5 Colours5 Colours5 Colours
Ex Showroom PriceRs. 1,09,999Rs. 1,24,999Rs. 1,34,999
Introductory Benefits*Rs. 10,000

Free Insurance worth Rs. 6,000 | Free Battery Extended Warranty worth Rs. 4,000
Rs. 18,000

Free Insurance worth Rs. 6,000 | Free BG Connect worth Rs. 8,000 | Free Battery Extended Warranty worth Rs. 4,000
Rs. 20,000

Free Insurance worth Rs. 6,000 | Free BG Connect worth Rs. 8,000 | Free Battery Extended Warranty worth Rs. 6,000

 *Terms and conditions apply


BGauss, a brand by RR Global, is pioneering a revolution in electric mobility in India. We are committed to reducing emissions and creating a cleaner future with zero-emission electric vehicles. Our products integrate cutting-edge technology for a safe, connected, and convenient riding experience. BGauss offers a hassle-free ownership experience with a wide dealership network and a focus on customer satisfaction.