BMC Is Looking For Consultant For Its Multi-Modal Tunnel Project

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Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) were issued by the BMC Bridges Department on February 16 to select a qualified consultant who will draft a project report for the establishment of multi-modal tunnel connectivity throughout the city. The report will function as the project’s master plan. During the initial phases of the project, the designated consultant is supposed to recommend the precise quantity of tunnels, the layout, and an estimated price.

According to officials, the tunnels will add an extra layer of transportation along several routes and relieve traffic in many city areas. According to an official, the consultant will recommend a tunnel network for both flood mitigation and traffic congestion relief.

The idea of letting rainfall escape through these subterranean conduits is widely accepted elsewhere. Given Mumbai’s significant monsoon rainfall, a similar idea might be used there as well, according to an official.

Rais Shaikh, an MLA for the Samajwadi Party, said he had written to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to request such tunnel connectivity.

“Motors would only experience seamless connectivity as a result of not having to make multiple stops, especially for those travelling into Mumbai from parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region,” Shaikh said.

An eight-member group was formed by the state government in October to develop a master plan for the smart tunnel network in MMR, taking into account the region’s projected expansion over the next thirty years.