Bombay Hospital Charges For 3 Crucial Surgeries But Performs Only 2

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Sapna, a 38-year-old housewife from Bhandup, discovered twelve days after undergoing surgery at Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, that one of three critical surgeries scheduled for her had not been carried out. On Tuesday, her husband Anil Lahoti, who paid INR 4 lakh for three surgeries, approached the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). It is a statutory authority that regulates the registration of medical practitioners, against the general surgeon for allegedly withholding the facts about the procedure and medical negligence.

According to Anil, they consulted Dr. MM Begani for the first time on January 29 and decided to have his wife operated on for three surgeries: gallbladder removal and hernia, which he conducted, and the crucial one, diastasis recti,  which was not done.

Diastasis recti is a separation in the abdomen that occurs when the tissue between the rectus abdominis muscles – the two sides of your “six pack” – stretches or tears at the central vertical line.

He said that Sapna developed diastasis recti and umbilical hernia after their first child was born in 2014. While they had been planning for surgery for a long time, it was recently when she had a gallstone problem and then they decided to get all three surgeries done.

According to Lahoti, following the procedure on February 10, Dr. Begani stated that all three surgeries went smoothly. “After self-examination, we had doubts the next day about the use of mesh (a medical device created of either synthetic materials or biological tissue that supports injured tissue around a hernia as it heals) for hernia repair because it appeared that he did not apply as he had told us. “When we asked, there was no response on the mesh,” he explained.

While Sapna was discharged from the hospital on February 12, the couple had second thoughts about the third surgery not being performed on February 16 and opted to contact another doctor for confirmation. “We questioned Dr. Begani regarding the use of mesh in hernia repair and divarication surgery. He still did not tell us the truth and instead required us to write a testimonial and return after a month,” he claimed.

Unconvinced by Dr. Begani’s medical attention, the couple consulted another general surgeon the next day. On February 22, Lahotis visited Dr. Begani and opposed him for his medical treatment. “This was the first time Dr. Begani admitted that he only performed gallbladder removal and hernia repair, not divarication surgery. We were astonished when, instead of admitting his faults, he claimed that the procedure was not completed because two laparoscopic surgeons who were meant to be present for Sapna’s surgery did not show up. He also stated that he is not an expert in the field and relies on laparoscopists’, said Lahoti.

“We also discovered that the hernia repair was performed through a tiny incision in open surgery rather than laparoscopic. All hospital medical records and discharge summaries mention three surgeries. “We were charged accordingly,” he explained.

Dr. Rajkumar V Patil, director (medical services) at Bombay Hospital, stated that he received the complaint from Lahoti on Tuesday. “We will set up an inquiry into the Lahoti case and also speak to Dr. Begani,” he said. Dr. Vinky Rughwani, MMC administrator, stated that Lahoti’s complaint will be investigated as a priority. “We will review the medical documents. “If we find that the doctor was at fault, we will take action against him,” he stated.

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