Breaking News!!! Amitabh Bachchan hospitalized at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai for medical treatment

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Amitabh Bachchan, the well-known Bollywood actor, was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai’s Andheri West neighborhood. Although there were concerns about his heart, it was clarified by a source that he was treated for a clot in his leg, not for any issues related to his heart.

The medical procedure he underwent was angioplasty, but it wasn’t performed on his heart; rather, it targeted the clot in his leg. This means doctors worked to clear the blockage in the blood vessels of his leg to restore proper blood flow.

Despite his health concerns, Bachchan remained active on social media. He posted a message on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressing his gratitude. Additionally, he shared a video of his recent appearance at an ISPL event.

Furthermore, Bachchan shared a heartwarming video featuring himself and his son, Abhishek Bachchan, enjoying a match together. In the video caption, he encouraged everyone to support their home team, Mumbai.

Earlier in the year, Bachchan underwent wrist surgery. Despite this setback, he continued to work on his upcoming projects. In a blog post from January, he mentioned his involvement in the ISPL and how despite his surgery, he remained committed to his professional obligations. Bachchan’s dedication to his work remained unwavering, even amidst health challenges.