Bride’s family announces a list of “gifts” to be given to the groom at the wedding. Video goes viral.

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Several online users were taken aback by a video of a wedding in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where guests were shown an extravagant gift exchange between the two families.

Vinit Bhati, an Instagram user, shared this specific episode on social media. A man could be heard announcing the extravagant “gifts,” as seen in the video.

The man was heard reading the list of items from a paper to the guests. “Ek dining table hai, do gaadi, ek Mercedes Benz, ek Fortuner, kul milaake 1.25kg sona hai aur 7kg chaandi (There is a dining table, two cars including a Mercedes E-Class and a Toyota Fortuner apart from 1.25kg gold and 7kg silver).”

Several people mocked the groom for what they saw as an ostentatious show of wealth; some even went so far as to call him a “begging bowl in disguise.”

Many other social media users who harshly criticized the groom’s family echoed the disgusting sentiment.

A user commented, “This is a business, not a wedding.” One more commenter asked: “Why aren’t the cops doing anything? As far as I’m aware, giving and receiving dowries was illegal.