Central Railways Collects Over INR 100 Crores Fine From Ticketless Travellers In Financial Year 2023-24

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Mumbaikars enjoy a lot when they travel on Mumbai’s lifeline local train without a ticket. There has been a significant increase in passengers travelling via local trains without tickets. As a result, a specific ticket-checking campaign was implemented to arrest ticketless passengers. After examining tickets, the Central Railway’s Mumbai Division was able to collect a penalty of INR 100 crores during this fiscal year. Up until February 26 of the previous fiscal year, the INR 100 crore threshold was reached. It has now exceeded the INR 100 crore threshold in this financial year on February 13, 13 days earlier than the previous year.

Among the total amount of fine collection, INR 2.29 crore was collected solely at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT).

The railway management requests that passengers travel only after obtaining a ticket. The current campaign to raise awareness among passengers is called “Take a train ticket and travel with dignity.” In addition, thousands of people travelling without tickets are being detected, and fines of millions of rupees are being collected daily through the implementation of a special ticketing campaign.

By February 13, employees had located and handled 17.86 lakh instances of travel without a ticket, a 3.34% rise over the same period in the previous fiscal year, when 17.29 lakh cases were found.

The mainline batches made a substantial contribution, identifying 4,67,108 instances and giving INR 39.05 crore.

In a similar vein, station employees discovered 1,62,765 cases, contributing INR 14.14 crore in revenues from irregular travel, and suburban batches found 4,82,198 cases, contributing INR 29.56 crore. Thousands more examples of ticketless travel were also discovered by amenity personnel and ticket checkers.