Challenges Faced by Commuters with the Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) App

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The Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) app has become a crucial tool for many local train commuters in cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad. Despite its convenience, users often encounter difficulties when booking tickets online.

Recently, a commuter named Venkat shared his frustration on social media about the limitations of the UTS app while trying to book a local train ticket in Hyderabad. He was surprised to see many comments pouring in, only to find out that his post had gone viral!

Venkat’s complaint arose when he couldn’t book an unreserved journey ticket for an MMTS coach between Lingampalli and Bharat Nagar stations. This limitation caused him to miss a local train, even though he was prepared to board from an adjacent platform. Sharing a screenshot of his struggle with the app, Venkat criticized the system’s design and the lack of understanding from those responsible for its implementation.

His post, which was shared on March 19, received significant attention, with over 222,000 views and sparking a heated debate in the comments section.

Some users defended the app’s limitations, arguing that they were necessary to prevent misuse. However, others echoed Venkat’s frustration, sharing similar experiences. One user pointed out the distance feature as a preventive measure against ticketless travel, stressing the importance of striking a balance between convenience and security in the ticketing system.