Coal Gasification Scheme: Govt To Hold Road Show On February 21

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The Ministry of Coal intends to engage in a roadshow to promote coal and lignite gasification projects across the country on February 21, including a meeting with prominent industry figures in Mumbai. The purpose of this event is to support the expansion and broad use of coal/lignite gasification projects across the nation.

The Coal Ministry stated on February 20, that it is a significant step towards utilising the plentiful coal and lignite resources to advance sustainable energy projects in India. The ministry deemed an earlier meeting with captains of industry in Hyderabad to be “successful” since it generated a great deal of interest.

The Centre has approved a scheme with an investment outlay of INR 8,500 crore for small-scale enterprises, government PSUs, and private players for the gasification of coal and lignite. The programme is a component of the government’s plan to reduce dependency on foreign fuels, diversify energy sources, and use cleaner technology to limit environmental effects.

The Ministry of Coal hopes to build a strong ecosystem for coal/lignite-based energy solutions and accelerate the implementation of gasification technologies by forming strategic alliances with key industry participants. Key players in the market, including investors, licensors, EPC agencies, PMC consultants, and legislators, will be present at the event to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of coal/lignite gasification projects.

As to the Coal Ministry’s release, the attendees will have enlightening discussions, share best practices, and investigate opportunities for cooperation to advance the expansion of gasification projects in India. All interested parties are cordially invited to attend the event where the Ministry of Coal will draft plans for coal gasification.