Department of Pharmaceuticals Introduces Tough Rules to Stop Unethical Practices

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The Department of Pharmaceuticals has taken a strong step to stop unethical practices in the pharmaceutical industry by introducing the Uniform Code for Pharmaceuticals Marketing Practices (UCPMP) 2024. This code puts a stop to pharmaceutical companies giving gifts, travel perks, or money to healthcare professionals or their families.

According to the UCPMP guidelines, pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to give gifts or money to healthcare professionals or their families, including distributors, wholesalers, and retailers linked with these companies.

Moreover, the code says that companies cannot offer travel perks like conference tickets or paid vacations to healthcare professionals and their families. Cash payments or grants to healthcare professionals are also banned, no matter the reason.

The Department of Pharmaceuticals stressed the importance of all pharmaceutical associations setting up an Ethics Committee for Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (ECPMP) and creating a dedicated UCPMP portal on their websites to enforce the code.

The code also says that drug promotion must follow marketing approval terms and should only start after approval from competent authorities. Information about drugs must be truthful, checkable, and not misleading, with proof provided when asked for.

Medical representatives must maintain ethical standards in their behavior, not using bribes or deceit to reach healthcare professionals. Paying for access to them is strictly forbidden.

This move shows a commitment to ethical behavior in the pharmaceutical industry, putting transparency and honesty first in dealings between companies and healthcare professionals.