Early Showers Lead to Increase in Dengue Cases in Maharashtra

Early Showers Lead to Increase in Dengue Cases in Maharashtra

Early Showers Lead to Increase in Dengue Cases in Maharashtra

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Mumbai: The state of Maharashtra is grappling with a surge in dengue cases, attributed to various factors including migration, urbanization, and early pre-monsoon showers. As the nation observed National Dengue Day on May 16, the state reported 1,755 dengue-positive cases from the beginning of the year till the first week of May, raising concerns for the upcoming peak dengue season during the monsoon.

Experts have pointed out that both urban and rural areas are affected, with migration being a significant contributing factor. Dense urbanization creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes, particularly in areas with improper housing, water management, and drainage systems. The recent pre-monsoon showers, exceeding previous records in major urban areas like Mumbai and Pune, have further escalated the risk of dengue transmission.

State entomologists emphasized that dengue thrives in urban environments, where stagnant water in puddles, clogged drains, and unattended containers provide ideal breeding sites for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the primary vectors for dengue. They highlighted the importance of public awareness and proper sanitation practices to prevent mosquito breeding.

Infectious disease experts underscored the role of climate change and urbanization in exacerbating the dengue crisis, emphasizing that the disease is primarily a consequence of urban environments. They noted that even rural areas are not immune to the threat, as migration between villages and cities can introduce the virus to new areas.

Recent data from the state public health department revealed a significant number of dengue cases in both urban and rural areas. Among the top contributors to the burden of cases were Mumbai, Nashik, and Kolhapur in urban areas, and Palghar, Kolhapur, and Akola in rural areas. Pune Municipal Corporation also reported a notable increase in dengue-positive cases.

With the onset of the monsoon season approaching, authorities are intensifying efforts to control mosquito breeding and raise public awareness about dengue prevention measures. Timely intervention and community engagement will be crucial in mitigating the impact of dengue in Maharashtra.