Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) Claims Indian Government Orders to Withhold Specific Accounts

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Billionaire Elon Musk’s social media company, formerly known as Twitter and now called X, says the Indian government wants it to block certain accounts and links. If they don’t do it, they could get fined a lot of money or even go to jail.

X’s global government affairs team says they can’t show the government’s orders because of legal rules. But they think it’s important to make them public so everyone knows what’s happening.

The Indian government hasn’t said anything about these claims yet.

The government in India has told X to do things with certain accounts and posts, and if X doesn’t follow, they could face punishments. X will only block these accounts and posts in India. But X thinks this isn’t right. They believe people should be free to express themselves.

X has been having problems with the Indian government for a while now. They don’t like some rules the government made, and they’re worried it could stop people from speaking freely.

This new issue makes things even more tense between X and the Indian government.

It’s interesting that this happened soon after a politician from Norway suggested Elon Musk should get the Nobel Peace Prize because he supports free speech. But some people worry that since Musk’s company took over X, there’s been more hate speech. Musk says free speech is important, but it has to follow the law.