‘Fine piece of engineering’: Anand Mahindra goes for a drive on Atal Setu

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Anand Mahindra, a frequent user of social media, shared his exhilarating experience of driving on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (Atal Setu) on X on Tuesday. Since its inauguration in January of this year, the businessman had stated that he would like to drive across the 21.8-kilometer bridge. When he eventually took to the wheel on the Atal Setu bridge, he compared the sensation to “hovercraft gliding on water.”

As per further information from the X handle of Anand Mahindra “Finally got to drive on the Atal Setu the previous weekend. A fine piece of engineering that makes you feel like you’re a hovercraft gliding on water. It was during daytime that I both traveled to and returned from Pune so I couldn’t experience the magnificent view at dusk as is visible in the viral pic on the right. But I will do that as well—not too long from now…”

The Trans Harbour Link, which is India’s longest sea bridge, will shorten the hour and a half it currently takes to travel between the two locations to about twenty minutes.

The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), which was built for ₹ 17,840 crore, has six lanes and is 16.5 km long over the water. The bridge is off-limits to two-wheelers, auto rickshaws, tractors, vehicles pulled by animals, and slow-moving cars.

Shreyas Vange