Ford To Make A Comeback In India With THIS Vehicle; Will Hire 3000 More Employees In Next 2 Years

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Ford left India in 2021, however it did not entirely leave the country. Ford India is currently expanding, albeit in a slightly different setting. Ford is expanding its Chennai technology hub and intends to hire an additional 3,000 people over the next two years to create electric vehicle (EV) applications for its worldwide EV platforms. The Chennai center currently employs 12,000 employees.

The Chennai teams will design and install new EV production lines. They use virtual and augmented reality technology for simulating and modelling the assembly line flow for the new EV platform manufacture. This includes designing floor designs, regulating material flow, establishing assembly lines, and organising tool stations.

“We’re building and designing new manufacturing lines for electric vehicles in Chennai that will use VR/AR to model and simulate assembly line flow, and this is for our new EV platform manufacturing,” said Mike Amend, Chief Enterprise Tech Officer at Ford Motor Company.

Amend stated that Ford is investing in a variety of EV-related technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, relationship management for customers, digital commerce, analytics of data, cyber security solutions, and general software creation. Ford has already invested around $250 million in the Chennai facility over the last five years, and they intend to keep up the investment pace in the next years.

The organisation plans to concentrate on cloud engineering, software reliability engineering, development engineering, and advanced platform capabilities in Chennai. They are currently developing a cloud-based commerce platform that will act as a global hub for customer-dealer transactions involving parts, accessories, and products. Chennai plays an important position in Ford’s EV-related efforts.

The Chennai teams manage consumer-facing software for car theft, charging solutions, Ford Pro commercial vehicle fleet management, vehicle health surveys, and vehicle uptime monitoring. Amend stated that they are extending their expertise and doing more EV-related business in Chennai.