Good News! Now You Will Reach Panvel From Badlapur In Just 20 Minutes

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The ongoing Vadodara-JNPT National Highway construction has made it possible to travel from Badlapur to Navi Mumbai in only twenty minutes. Due to various technical issues, the highway’s construction was put on hold for a few years, but it has now resumed in full and is almost finished on schedule.

Nearly half of the work on this highway, which goes through the village of Badlapur East Bendsheel, has already been finished. The goal of the extension is to connect Navi Mumbai via a tunnel. This project is anticipated to be completed by the following year, revolutionising connectivity in the area.

The state’s eight-lane, 189-kilometer Vadodara-JNPT National Highway project is moving forward quickly. Its width is 120 metres, and its length is 189 km. This route passes through the city of Badlapur and offers direct access to Jaipur and Vadodara, improving accessibility for both locals and visitors.

The ongoing tunnel project would further integrate Badlapur with major cities like Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Palghar, and Gujarat. The tunnel will run between Rayate in Kalyan Taluka and the Bendsheel village in Badlapur. This will save travel times and create new business opportunities since Badlapur is positioned to develop into an industrial centre and logistical hub.

The highway project’s completion has marked the beginning of Badlapur’s ascent to prosperity and established the rural Thane town as a major participant in the area’s economy. Furthermore, Badlapur’s significance will be greatly enhanced by the connectivity that this route provides, making it an important destination for both inhabitants and investors.