Immediate ban on reels in Mantralay premises; govt on alert after videos of gangsters go viral

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The Maharashtra government had a rude awakening after a social media reel made in the Mantralay premises by a notorious gangster from Pune, who was released on bail, went viral. The government, which drew criticism from the opposition for the reels, has now brought an immediate ban on the creation of reels in the Mantralay premises. 

The police are also keeping a watch on those who take pictures inside the Mantralay premises and an official order regarding this will be issued soon.

Photographs of gangsters meeting the Chief Minister and other ministers are being posted daily by the opposition. In it, the notorious gangster Nilesh Ghaiwal had made a reel while walking with his companions in the Mantralay area and circulated it on social media. Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Vijay Wadettiwar, while bringing this reel to social media, had criticized the goons roaming freely in the Mantralay and creating reels in the Mantralay area with the help of the government.

Therefore, senior police officials have given instructions to the police stationed in the Mantralay that no one should create reels in the premises of the Mantralay.

Many people tend to take photos and selfies of the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and others in front of the Mantralay’s hall when they come to the Mantralay. The police will now keep an eye on such people. Although no official orders have been issued in this regard, reliable sources informed that such people will be monitored.