Instagram’s New ‘Friend Map’ Feature: Stay Connected with Friends in Real Time

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In the world of social media, Instagram, owned by Meta, remains a popular platform for staying in touch with friends and family. Now, Instagram is gearing up to introduce a new feature called ‘Friend Map,’ similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map.

Alessandro Paluzzi, known for revealing Instagram features before they’re officially announced, recently shared screenshots of the upcoming ‘Friend Map’ feature on Threads. According to these images, the Friend Map feature will allow users to see where their friends are on a map, providing an interactive way to stay connected.

With this new feature, users can leave location-based notes to share updates about what’s happening around them. Privacy is a top concern, so users will have control over who can see their location on the map. They can choose to share with followers who also follow them back or share their last active location only with Close Friends.

Importantly, the location data will be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring secure communication. Plus, the Friend Map will only update when the user opens the Instagram app, giving them control over when and how often their location is shared.

Similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map, Instagram’s ‘Friend Map’ is expected to include a ‘Ghost mode,’ allowing users to hide their last active location. This shows Instagram’s commitment to giving users control over their personal information.

This new feature not only enhances privacy but also provides a useful tool for users to stay updated on their friends’ activities and whereabouts in real-time. By offering such control and connectivity, Instagram’s ‘Friend Map’ aims to strengthen relationships among its user base. Keep an eye out for this exciting update, bringing a new dimension to the Instagram experience.