Jungle Safari in Satpura to begin in April 2024

Jungle Safari in Satpura to begin in April 2024

Jungle Safari in Satpura to begin in April 2024

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Suki Dam, Machan, Triveni Falls, Avani Sarankshankuti, Makaddari Falls along with tigers, leopards, deers in the Satpura mountains have become the attraction of the tourists. But now common tourists cannot see it. But now the forest safari with its natural beauty in Satpura will be opened to the general public in the first week of April by the forest department. This safari will be held under ‘Satpuda Nature Safari’.

50 to 60 youths of Satpura have been trained in this regard and they will be asked to take tourists on this safari. This will provide employment opportunities to the youth of this area. Morning and evening moments like sunrise and sunset can be seen at this time. Many birds from abroad migrate to the rivers and waterfalls in this area. Eggs are added. After some time, they go back. Due to this, bird lovers are crowded here.

A proposal of five crores has been prepared to provide facilities like construction of roads, construction of water bodies, construction of scaffolding etc. on the jungle safari route. Out of this, funds of one and a half crores have been made available and construction of facilities has started. Marks of bears, hares, peacocks, wild boars, leopards were found in Pal (Taluka Raver) Satpura Jungle Safari conducted by Divisional Commissioner Radhakrishna Game.

Satpura Jungle Safari will start from Garbadi Nursery. Next you can see the area of Suki Dharan, Machan, Triveni Waterfall, Avani Sarankshankuti, Makaddari Waterfall. In a distance of 27 kms, animals such as leopard, bear, peacock, wild boar, nilgai, sambar, chikanra, deer, snake, python, tadusa, jackal, wolf can be seen.

This area of 27 km between Pal and Satpuda mountains is earmarked for jungle safari. Compartment No. 24-25 of the Forest Department is for this. It will take two and a half to hours to visit this area. Garbadi will start from the nursery. A six seater vehicle for the safari will be arranged by the Forest Management Committee.

Tourists will be accompanied by a guide. One trip cost of vehicles (for six people) will be 2500 to 3000. There is an attempt to provide employment to the youth from this income. The remaining funds will be spent for the development of Pal village. Many people want to see the forest. But due to regulations, jungle travel is often not possible. But now the facility is going to be started by the Forest Department at Pal (Taluka Raver). It will also provide employment to locals.