Maharashtra and Delhi Take the Lead with Highest Number of EV Charging Stations Nationwide

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As the menace of pollution looms large, both central and state governments in India are championing the cause of electric vehicles (EVs). Maharashtra emerges as a frontrunner in this green revolution, boasting the highest number of EV charging stations in the country, reflecting the state’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

Nationwide Scenario:

  • There are currently 12,146 EV charging stations across India, marking a significant step towards promoting eco-friendly mobility.
  • The surge in EV adoption aligns with the government’s initiatives to combat pollution and reduce carbon emissions.

Maharashtra Takes the Lead:

  • Maharashtra stands out with an impressive 3,216 EV charging stations, showcasing the state’s pivotal role in the electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • The proactive approach of the Maharashtra government underscores its commitment to providing essential infrastructure for the growing fleet of electric vehicles.

Charging Stations Distribution:

  • Following Maharashtra, Delhi secures the second position with 1,886 charging stations, emphasizing the national capital’s stride towards sustainable transportation.
  • Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh also contribute to the charging infrastructure, with varying station numbers.

Government Initiatives

  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (Mahavitaran) has been appointed as the nodal agency by the state government to spearhead the expansion of charging infrastructure.
  • Charging stations are strategically being set up in urban centers, along highways, and within housing societies to ensure accessibility and convenience for EV users.

Maharashtra’s dominance in the number of EV charging stations underscores its proactive stance in embracing sustainable and clean transportation. 

As the state continues to set an example, other regions in India are expected to follow suit, contributing to a nationwide shift towards electric vehicles and a greener future.