Maharashtra Teachers’ Hiring: Portal Issues Could Lead to Deadline Extension until February 12

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The teacher recruitment process in the state has witnessed a surge in activity, with nearly one lakh 18 thousand eligible merit holders registering their preferences on the dedicated portal in the last two days. 

Suraj Mandhare, State Education Commissioner announced an extension of the deadline until February 12 to accommodate eligible candidates waiting for teacher recruitment. However, some candidates have reported difficulties accessing the teacher recruitment portal, attributing it to the platform’s slowdown as more than 75 thousand users login simultaneously.

The recruitment process aims to fill a total of 21,678 vacant teaching positions in eagerly anticipated local bodies and private educational institutions. This includes 16,799 posts without an interview and 4,879 posts with an interview. Eligible candidates have been provided with the option to register their preferences, and the initial deadline was set for Thursday, but it has now been extended.

Despite the surge in registrations, eligible candidates are facing challenges such as website shutdowns and server issues while completing the application process. In response to these concerns, there has been a demand for an extension of the preference order deadline. 

Suraj Mandhare, the State Education Commissioner, stated that out of two lakh 17 thousand merit holders, almost one lakh 18 thousand have submitted their preferences in the last two days. To provide more time for all eligible candidates, the deadline has been extended until February 12, with the option to lock their preferences available from Friday (9th) for those who have completed the selection process.

To address confusion and challenges faced by eligible candidates during the preference registration on the teacher recruitment portal, there is a call for the administration to establish a help center in the education commissioner’s office dedicated to the teacher recruitment process.