Make Your Wardrobe For Summer- incorporating these 5 lightweight and breathable fabrics

Make Your Wardrobe For Summer- incorporating these 5 lightweight and breathable fabrics

Make Your Wardrobe For Summer- incorporating these 5 lightweight and breathable fabrics

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This summer, beat the heat and stay comfortable.

Temperatures are soaring in the subcontinent and summer seems to be officially here. Well, in India, summer brings sweat, heat, dust and more. For those who commute daily to and from work, beating the late-morning sun, becomes a priority. Most afternoons, the streets in any city are virtually empty, because people hide indoors, hoping to escape the wrath of summer.

Another easy way to beat the heat would be to add a few clothes to your wardrobe! Summer demands natural, light fabrics. Wearing heavy clothing will only increase your suffering in the heat. So, ditch those dark tones, and bring out the pastel colours.

Read on, to learn how you can beat the heat this summer, and look fashionable and be sustainable at the same time!

  1. Khadi:-

Khadi, a fabric deeply intertwined with India’s freedom movement, has transcended from rural origins to the high-end fashion world, gracing the collections of renowned designers like Sabyasachi, Wendell Rodricks, and Rajesh Pratap Singh. Its journey symbolizes more than just a material; it embodies the essence of our culture.

This eco-friendly fabric, handspun and organic, offers unparalleled comfort in the sweltering Indian summers. Its natural properties ensure breathability and skin-friendliness, free from the harsh chemicals commonly found in conventional manufacturing processes.

Whether it’s shirts, saris, kurtas, or tops, embracing Khadi this summer not only guarantees style but also a refreshing coolness amidst the heat.

2) Hemp:-

Often referred to as a wonder-crop because of the many benefits that it provides, hemp absorbs and releases perspiration with ease, making it extremely breathable.

Durable, lightweight and resistant to multiple washes, hemp retains its structural quality through the course of the garment’s life and will help you get through intensely hot summer days. Whats more, the fabric also contains anti-microbial agents

Hemp clothing is manufactured in a completely sustainable and eco-friendly manner, so, you will also ensure that you are leaving a minimal carbon footprint!

3) Linen:-

The fabric that is most sought after, linen is appreciated because of the coolness it provides. Thanks to the way it is woven, and its fibre specifics, linen fabric facilitates better airflow, and thanks to its structure, doesn’t stick to your skin.

4) Organic Cotton:-

An artist collective is breathing new life into the traditional Ilkal cotton weaves of Karnataka, championing organic cultivation methods. Organic cotton, celebrated for its comfort and eco-friendliness, eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides in both growth and dyeing processes, opting instead for natural, chemical-free colors.

Garments made from organic cotton are hailed for their non-toxic nature, promoting environmental sustainability and minimizing allergic reactions. Some initiatives even ensure that profits directly benefit farmers, furthering the ethos of sustainability. With its lightweight feel and light-colored nature, organic cotton is particularly suited for summer wear, facilitating evaporation and keeping the wearer cool.

5) Chanderi:-

Chanderi, a weaving tradition dating back to the Vedic era, combines cotton, lightweight silk, and touches of zari to create a fabric of timeless elegance.

This century-old specialty offers variations such as Chanderi silk cotton, pure silk, and Chanderi cotton, favored by fashion designers for its versatility. Embraced by celebrities like Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor, Chanderi is not only comfortable but also imbued with a rich cultural heritage. For those seeking comfort with a touch of tradition, Chanderi stands out as the fabric of choice.