Many Cases Are Increasing In SC Which Should Be Settled In Trial Court : CJI Chandrachud

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Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India, stated on Saturday that in order to lessen the load of the increasing number of cases, trial courts must “pay attention.” There are several cases at the Supreme Court that could have been settled in the Trail Court itself.

CJI Chandrachud made these remarks while addressing the inauguration ceremony of an arbitration centre. The centre was inaugurated by him in Prayagraj. CJI said, “Trial courts are where the solution to problems begins, there is a need to pay attention. Many such cases are increasing in the Supreme Court which should be settled in the trial court itself. Due to non-availability of bail in small cases, people are coming to the Supreme Court and the pressure there is increasing.”

Regarding Uttar Pradesh, Chief Justice Chandrachud stated that the state is seeing a rise in investment. The state will see the establishment of industries, thus the legal system must grow and be trusted in this regard.

“I ask all senior advocates to engage with technology, work on tablets and laptops and a lot of people are doing this now,” the CJI added, urging advocates and others in the legal profession to use technology.

Speaking on the influx of young people into the legal field, he stated, “This generation thinks differently and there are a lot of women coming in it.” Here, they believe their future is secure.

“I grew up in an urban environment, but after coming to Uttar Pradesh,  I got to learn and know a lot,” Chandrachud said about his time serving as chief justice of the Allahabad High Court.