Mumbai-Based Professional Dancer Flags ‘Kotha’ Comment On Her Video, Police Responds

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A Mumbai-based young lady sought police’s help after an X user made derogatory remarks on her dance video. The user made a “kotha” reference to her dance video. In a post on X on February 17, Shruti Parija alleged that she made “endless” requests to the user, Prateek Aaryan, to take down the video but he “refused.”

Shruti Parija performed at her college fest. Prateek Aaryan posted her dance video on X and with his Kotha comments. Prateek Aaryan wrote, “The Indian schools and colleges are well known for organising ‘sanskritik karyakram’ (cultural programmes) and performances based on traditional and regional culture, but now it has become a ‘kotha’.”

“In the name of cultural events, shaking booty on item songs is all they call a cultural program. Along with the education system, the cultural system is in danger in India. What a downfall for this generation and colleges in India,” Aaryan further added to his post that he shared on February 13.

Two days later Shruti Parija commented on the post and said she is the one dancing in the video and it was taken and posted by Prateek Aaryan without her consent.

Shruti Parija requested to take it down and said that she was not performing there as a student she was judge of the event and she is a professional dancer. “I was the judge there. The students, audience and everyone in the auditorium requested me to perform on this track at their own fest,” she said.

“You have a right to voice what is right and what is not but not to the extent of defaming me, who is not even associated with the college,” Shruti Parija further said.

However, Prateek Aaryan said that he spoke about Indian schools and colleges and was not commenting on her. “I spoke about Indian schools and colleges, explicitly stating that I haven’t said anything about you. I haven’t slut-shamed you (as you alleged) in any way. In the second line, I mentioned that under the guise of a cultural program, there is dancing to item songs, so that’s clear I’m not mentioning you anywhere. My intention was not to cause you any harm. I’ve shared my general opinion on the college system posting your video. Please read the original tweet statement once again and consider if I’ve said anything wrong about you,” he said.

In a seperate post he claimed that Shruti Parija and her friend used “violent speech, threatened legal action, and said will make sure he ends up in jail.

“Please proceed with your first option. As I clarified earlier, I didn’t abuse you, and you acknowledged that (I’ve screenshots). So, if you’re blaming and alleging me of abuse and violent slurs, do whatever you can. I am not deleting that post,” he said.

Shruti Parija then sought help from Mumbai police and tagged their official X handle and said that she made “endless” requests to Prateek Aaryan to take down the video but he “refused”.

“After endless requests made to Prateek Aaryan to take my video down from his post where he is comparing the stage I’m dancing on as a kotha, in turn defaming me and damaging my reputation, he has refused to do so and has blackmailed me instead,” she wrote.

Responding to her complain Mumbai Police asked her to share contact details and then they will investigate the matter.

Shruti Parija said that the media in Prateek Aaryan’s post has finally been disabled due to copyright claims.

“Although the video hasn’t been taken down by him and might still be available in this post in some areas,” she added.