Mumbai Customs’ Prompt Response Against Gold Smuggling Cases Over Past Week

Mumbai Customs’ Prompt Response Against Gold Smuggling Cases Over Past Week

Mumbai Customs’ Prompt Response Against Gold Smuggling Cases Over Past Week

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Mumbai Customs has seized quite a large amount of gold as part of several operations conducted over the week in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

18th May 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari

A post on the official handle of Mumbai Customs stated that the Airport Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs Zone-III, confiscated around 11.39 kg of gold and cigarettes between 13th and 16th May, with a total value of Rs. 7.16 Cr across 27 cases. 

Gold was discovered hidden on the passenger’s body, in their rectum, and under their burqa. Three people were taken into custody.

The Customs officers assert that the gold was cleverly hidden in the travellers’ bodies, baggage and clothing, and was discovered in a variety of forms, including gold dust in wax, crude jewellery, gold coins, rhodium-plated Payals and gold bars.

Seven Indian nationals were apprehended by a different squad during the second operation. Of them, one was travelling from Dubai, three were from Jeddah, one from Addis Ababa, one from Bahrain and one from Bangkok. 5,903 grams of gold were concealed on the passengers’ bodies, in the rear pockets of their jeans, inside their underwear and in their rectum. They were all detained for smuggling since they were carrying more than half a kilogram of gold.

Eleven Indian nationals were stopped by a third customs department team as they were arriving at the airport and making their way through the green channel. Of them, three were from Abu Dhabi, five were from Dubai, two were from Jeddah and one was from Kuwait.

During the search, they were discovered to be carrying 5,480 grams of gold, which were hidden inside cardboard, the passenger’s burqa pocket, the trouser pocket on the right side, the passenger’s stomach, the rectum and other places on the body, according to a customs official.

Gold smuggling is a criminal offence in India, and there are various Central laws that prevent and prohibit it. Gold smuggling is still a major problem for India, considering its economic impact and potential concerns to national security. The Customs Act of 1962 is critical for controlling and combating such unlawful activity.