Mumbai: House Servants Drug Family; Steal Valuables Worth INR 50 Lakh

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Two young men working as house servants for a family staying in the Khar region of Mumbai drugged the family and stole valuable jewellery worth INR 50 lakh. They mixed sedatives in the food of three relatives of their employer and a maid.

Khar police lodged an FIR against those two thieves and is looking out for them now.

Both 19-year-old servants were identified as Raja Yadav, alias Niraj, and Shatrughan Kumar, alias Raju. Niraj and Raju had been working as servants at the residence of Sunita Vijay Zaveri for the last thirty and ten days, respectively.

Mrs. Zaveri lives with her young 19-year-old daughter at 14th Road, Khar West. Her husband, who was a jeweller passed away in 2023 after suffering from prolonged illness.

Mrs. Zaveri’s former driver recommended Raju and Niraj to her when she required servants. After being hired both stayed in the house kitchen.

The police claim that Zaveri’s cook, Mukesh Singh, prepared dinner as normal on February 10 and then departed. Around nine o’clock at night, Zaveri, her daughter, her husband’s 65-year-old sister, who had come to stay with her for a few days, and her maid, Nalini Patil, had dinner.

“We all felt sick after the meal, and by 11:30, we had all fallen asleep. When I woke up around eight the following morning, everything in my bedroom was strewn all over the floor, and two pieces of uncut diamond jewellery were gone,” Mrs. Zaveri said to the cops.

“All of us were constantly throwing up, and when we went to seek for Niraj and Raju, they weren’t in the kitchen, where they usually slept. This led me to think that they stole the jewels, numbed us out during our dinner, and took off with it,” Mrs. Zaveri alleged in the FIR.

After calling her son, Mrs. Zaveri was admitted to Hinduja Hospital along with the other three. After taking Mrs. Zaveri’s statement in the hospital, the police filed a formal complaint (FIR) against Niraj and Raju.