Mumbai Metro to give 10% Discount on Ticket Prices on Polling Day

Mumbai Metro to give 10% Discount on Ticket Prices on Polling Day

Mumbai Metro to give 10% Discount on Ticket Prices on Polling Day

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All throughout India, various steps have been taken to increase the voter turn-out. In lieu of the general elections in Mumbai, Mumbai Metro has taken a step to increase awareness. 

4 May 2024

By Sukhmani Kooner 

In the fifth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections scheduled on 20th May, the people of Mumbai will cast their votes. The Election Commission of India has been urging citizens to vote. To support this cause and to create awareness, the Mahamumbai Metro has taken an initiative to give incentive to people so that they cast their valuable votes. They are set to give a special 10% discount on ticket prices on the polling day to celebrate Indian democracy. This move will serve as an incentive and enable travellers to commute to polling stations and back at discounted rates. 

The Brihanmumbai Metro is going to give a 10% discount on the original ticket rates of the passenger tickets. This discount can be availed by passengers who travel by Mumbai Metro Line 2A and 7, on 20th May, through their Mumbai metro 1 card or mobile QR ticket, paper ticket, etc. This initiative holds significance as these lines have been travelled by approximately 90 crore people. This initiative is a part of “SVEEP”, which is Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation. The aim of this initiative will be to create awareness about citizens’ civic duty towards their nation. 

People are at the core of any democracy. Abraham Lincoln said, “Democracy is a rule of the people, for the people and by the people.” To promote this sentiment, the Mumbai metro is aiming to increase the participation of people. Through this very important step, the Mumbai metro will strive to enable the people to exercise their right to vote. They are aiming to get as many people as they can to travel by the Mumbai metro. 

Mumbai has six of Maharashtra’s 48 seats: Mumbai South, Mumbai South Central, Mumbai North, Mumbai North East, Mumbai North West, and Mumbai North Central. Four additional seats are located in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR): Thane, Kalyan, Bhiwandi and Palghar.