Mumbai Photographer Threatens Legal Action Against Ad Agency Over Unauthorized Billboard Use

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Mumbai-based photographer Ujwal Puri has expressed deep distress and anger as he accuses a prominent advertising brand in Mumbai of using his photograph on a billboard without obtaining his consent. Puri took to social media to raise awareness about the unauthorized use of his work and is seeking legal recourse.

Ujwal Puri shared his frustration on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “Extremely saddened and angry to see my photo stolen and printed on a big billboard without my consent or permission.” He specifically pointed out the advertising brand, SelVel, expressing his disappointment and seeking assistance for legal action.

Appeal for Assistance:

Puri’s social media post not only highlights the violation of his creative rights but also seeks support from the online community to address the issue. He expresses the challenge of locating SelVel on social media platforms and calls for assistance in initiating legal action against the advertising brand.

The incident has triggered strong reactions on social media, with many users condemning the advertising agency’s actions as morally, ethically, and legally incorrect. Some users criticize such firms for prioritizing profit over ethical considerations.

The public response underscores the moral and ethical dimensions of intellectual property rights and the responsibility of advertising agencies to uphold ethical standards in their practices.

Ujwal Puri’s case brings to light the ongoing challenges faced by artists and creators in protecting their work from unauthorized use, prompting a broader conversation about the need for stronger safeguards for creative content in the advertising industry.