Mumbai Pune Expressway : Car loses control and hits cargo container near Ojarde, two passengers dead, five injured

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On Wednesday 24th February 2024, a fateful accident took place between a car and a container on Mumbai-Pune express highway at 6:00 AM when the injured were driving from Mumbai to Pune near Ojarde village. 

There were a total of 6 people in the car out of which two people died on the spot namely, Sunil Shripati Thorat (55) and Madhuri Sonawane (30) who were sitting in the front seat of the car, the remaining five were severely injured and have been admitted to Pawana Hospital, Somnate Phata. 

The five injured are Shradha Sunil Thorat, Akshay Sunil Thorat, Tejal Akshay Thorat and Dattatra Thorat. 

The driver was driving the car at full speed, due to which the car lost control and crashed into a cargo container which was in front of it. 

PSI SD Mukashi, requests people not to overspeed as it may result in losing control of the vehicle which may lead to mishap. Moreover, he also urges people to compulsorily wear seat belts while driving car and the two-wheelers should also wear helmets. If these precautions are followed, then even if a case of mishap, fewer injuries tend to take place and nothing fatal can happen.”