Mumbai: Temperature Dip Triggers Cold Breeze In City; Check IMD Forecast Here

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As per the latest forecast from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), residents of Mumbai may expect fairly stable weather conditions in the next days, with cold winds and a dip in temperatures. The city has a partly cloudy sky, with maximum temperatures reaching around 30°C and minimums lingering around 20°C. 

During the next 48 hours, temperatures are expected to range from 31°C to 19°C with mostly sunny skies.

An IMD official emphasised strong rainfall predictions for two Vidarbha districts, with no thunderstorms expected over the next five days from March 4. He stated that even if it rains, it is expected to be mild and without any supplementary thunderstorm activities.

Furthermore, IMD scientists forecast maximum temperatures to remain stable for the next two to three days before gradually ascending again, while minimum temperatures are expected to descend during the next 48 hours.

In other regions of Maharashtra, isolated thunderstorms with lightning were seen in Akola, Amravati, Gondia, and Nagpur. Residents in these locations are encouraged to exercise caution and remain indoors during severe weather conditions.

In the next 24 hours, Mumbai can expect partly overcast skies with maximum and minimum temperatures of 30°C and 20°C, respectively. Over the next 48 hours, clear skies are expected with maximum and lowest temperatures of 31°C and 19°C, respectively.