Mumbai Weather Report : Mumbai to witnesses end of mild winter as temperatures gradually rise

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The pleasantly persistent winter chill in Mumbai since mid-January is gradually waning, signaling the end of the mild winter season. 

While there is no official end date for winter, experts suggest that temperatures are unlikely to experience a major drop, indicating the conclusion of the winter season. The transition phase from winter has commenced, and daytime and nighttime temperatures are expected to continue their gradual rise.

On Tuesday, Mumbai recorded a maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal, indicating a shift in wind patterns contributing to the rise in temperature. 

The western disturbances, responsible for snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir and a temporary rise in Mumbai temperatures, have cleared. 

The northerlies are not flowing into the city, and south-easterly winds prevail due to an anticyclone in Maharashtra.

While there might be a small dip in temperatures, experts suggest that Mumbaikars should not expect any major drop, marking the conclusion of the mild winter season. 

The recent temperature surge is attributed to warm south-easterly winds, and the city is transitioning from winter with temperatures likely to hover around the current range.