Mumbai’s historic Rattan Kunj bungalow demolished amid dispute

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The historic Rattan Kunj bungalow, standing for 124 years near the Versova coast in Mumbai, was recently at the center of a dispute regarding its structural integrity. The bungalow’s fate was contested among family members, with some advocating for vacating the premises for redevelopment with a builder. Conflicting reports emerged regarding the bungalow’s state, with one suggesting repairability and the other claiming it was dilapidated beyond repair:


Shalloo Rahul Barar and her sons staunchly opposed vacating, leading to a conflict.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) intervened, ordering the Barars to vacate due to concerns over the bungalow’s condition.

BMC submitted both reports to its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which concluded that demolition was necessary.

Despite conservation concerns raised by organizations like the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, workers began dismantling the bungalow’s architectural elements. The situation underscores broader questions about preserving architectural heritage amidst urban development pressures in Mumbai.