Nagpur Smart City uses 3D police billboards to promote traffic rule awareness in a creative manner

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Nagpur City Police, as part of the Nagpur Smart City project, has come up with a creative way to encourage people to follow traffic rules.

They’ve set up a special 3D billboard with a cartoon policeman who talks to drivers about following the rules. In a video they shared online, the cartoon policeman reminds drivers about things like speed limits and warns them about getting fined for breaking the rules.

People on social media thought this idea was pretty cool, although some worried it might distract drivers. The police clarified that the video was just made with computer graphics, not something happening in real life.

Even though it’s not real, the video shows how Nagpur is using technology and fun ideas to make sure people stay safe on the roads. It’s part of their efforts to make Nagpur a smarter and safer city for everyone.