Nighttime Crash on Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Car Collides with Truck, Two Injured

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Late on Saturday night, March 1st, 2024, an accident occurred on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Around midnight, a car collided with a truck, resulting in severe injuries. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported. The car was heading towards Karjat when it was struck by the truck, causing injuries to the occupants.

The two individuals in the car have been identified as Yogesh Waghmare and Anil Shilsagar. Both sustained injuries to their hands, legs, and neck. They are currently receiving treatment at MGM Kamothe Hospital.

Officer Machindranath Jaiwant Jadhav of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway Police emphasized several safety measures to prevent such accidents. He urged drivers to adhere to speed limits and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, he warned against engaging in races with other vehicles, as it can lead to loss of control and accidents. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of refraining from using mobile phones while driving on the expressway.