Over 25 Vehicles On Blaze In Borivali’s Housing Society, Were EV Guidelines Not Followed?

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Last week, a parking lot near Borivali’s Mangal Kunj Society caught fire. According to the Mumbai Fire Brigade, the fire has completely destroyed 25 to 26 vehicles parked in housing society.

To put out the quickly growing fire, the Mumbai Fire Brigade sent three fire tenders to the area as soon as they received the emergency call.

Images captured the scene of the fire, which was chaotic as the fire fighters quickly came to start fighting the flames. It’s still unclear what specifically started the fire.

Locals have informed us that one of the electric bikes parked on the road near the Mangal Kunj building caught fire in the afternoon. During the incident, about thirty to forty two-wheelers that were parked on the road were in a blaze.

EV Rules To Follow:

This brings to light that there is a hard-core need for EV rules to be followed. In June 2021, the Maharashtra government unveiled the “Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy 2021.” In order to address the high upfront costs and promote a higher rate of EV adoption while also increasing production capacity, this policy outlines the needs for the development of charging infrastructure as well as supply-side fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. Even though this policy is extensive, the clause allowing an individual EV owner to install a private EV charger with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from a housing society or RWA (Resident Welfare Association) will increase the rate of EV adoption in the city because private vehicles can get up to 80% of their charging from at-home sources. 

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