PCMC fire dept issues show-cause notice to Maha Metro. Read in detail here.

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In light of the recent fire incident at Dapodi Metro Station, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has issued a show cause notice to the Maha Metro.

As per further information from the notice accessed by Pune Pulse, on February 16, 2024 at 19:09 AM in Dapodi Metro Station, there was a fire accident in the electric panel board and the said fire accident was caused by the ignorance and incompetence of the subordinate staff/officers in dealing with the fire prevention measures plan and negligence regarding fire safety. Prima facie, it is seen that the incident took place and due to their laxity, the intensity of the said fire increased due to the reasons mentioned below:

·         The operational staff did not inform the fire control room about the exact location of the fire incident site, the Dapodi metro station fire did not tell whether it happened on the Pimpri to Dapodi line or on the Dapodi to Pimpri line and also from which direction/side the fire fighting vehicle came in order to facilitate the fire brigade to reach the fire scene quickly. Necessary information was not provided.

·         When the fire brigade reached the metro station area, on which level (Concourse Level or Platform Level) the fire broke out and also to show the actual spot of the fire, it was necessary to appoint security guards/ other staff members as per Standard Operating Procedure at that place because the fire fighting team could not understand whether to go to Concourse Level or Platform Level and therefore the fire fighting team had to be divided for no reason, the fire fighting team had to use wasted energy running to the fire place and the arrival was delayed. Similarly, no security guard has been appointed at the said place.

·         When the fire brigade was running from the concourse level, the working women staff/officers forced the advance personnel to go around the ticket check counter of the far route instead of the route nearest to the actual fire site, due to which efforts had to be made in vain to reach the spot of actual fire and the arrival was delayed.

·         The electrical supply connection pin socket of the clean agent automatic fire extinguishing system installed in the electrical panel on fire was isolated from the electrical panel for safety. Due to which the fire alarm system integration panel could not receive the communication signal. Preliminary information about the said fire could not be received.

·         ‘Keen Agent Automatic Fire Extinguishing System’, which was installed for the safety of the electric panel that caught fire, was not in auto mode, so the fire could not be extinguished by automatic operation. The Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguishing System was not placed in Auto Mode.

·         All the electrical exhaust fans installed for mechanical ventilation in the electrical panel room on the said Concourse Level were switched off. DG Ele Back-up (for emergency use alternate electrical supply) was not given to them. The mechanical ventilation system was stopped. The fire department’s technical staff/engineers could not operate the said system.

·         Boards with important contact numbers of Fire Station / Emergency Services near metro stations Concourse Level. Platform Level), station master’s office and other important places are not posted and the staff and officers available in the metro area do not know the contact number of the nearest fire station.

·         The concerned staff and officials have not been given training to handle all types of fire prevention measures installed in metro stations. Also, facing the said fire disaster, it was not found that the subordinate employees and officers were trying to extinguish the fire by dealing with actual fire prevention measures.

·         SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) has not been prepared by its members after establishing Fire Safety Committee for handling such kind of fire accidents for all metro stations, information display boards have not been put up in the metro area.

·         As per the terms and conditions mentioned in the Fire No Objection Certificate given to you earlier, for the fire safety of the metro station and for the fire training of the staff and officers, the appointment of experienced permanent fire officers has not been made yet and the fire officers of the Metro Rail could not be present at the time of the fire accident.

In pursuance of the aforesaid fire incident, it is not found that security measures have been taken. Your explanation regarding the points mentioned in this “Show Cause Notice”, as to why the fire no objection certificate issued to you for use of metro station should not be canceled, should be submitted to this office within seven days from the date of receipt of the said notice.

However, if your explanation is not received within the prescribed time and is not found to be satisfactory, the no objection certificate will be cancelled. Similarly, if the said incident is repeated in any metro station under PCMC areas, the Director (Systems and Operations), Metro Rail Project will be held responsible for it. A clear note should be taken about this.

Shreyas Vange