Plasma Technology To Be Used By MBMC For Eco-Friendly Waste Processing

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After successfully implementing waste-to-manure, biomining, and waste-to-biogas projects, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) will shortly apply plasma technology to dispose of hazardous and mixed garbage in an environmentally responsible manner. The solid waste management department has issued tenders to professional agencies for the installation and commissioning of a plasma technology-based waste treatment plant near the current facility in Dhaavgi hamlet in Uttan.

The facility, which has a treatment capacity of eight tonnes per day (TPD) and is anticipated to cost INR 8.27 crore, would be launched on an experimental basis. According to the funding pattern, the state government would pay 70% of the project cost through the Suvarna Jayanti Nagrothan Maha Abhiyan, with the remaining portion to be borne by the MBMC, which has already budgeted INR 5 crore for the purpose in its annual budget.

“We are now implementing a waste treatment system based on plasma technology. The technology has the advantage of producing less dangerous by-products combined with a substantial waste volume reduction by utilising a relatively small space,” a civic official confirmed.

The plasma process, which is predicted to greatly reduce the current burden, involves the thermal treatment of hazardous and mixed trash without emitting smoke while producing approximately 7% ash, which may be utilised to manufacture construction materials such as cement and pavement blocks.