Prime Minister Modi Unveils ₹41,000 Crore Railway Projects to Upgrade India’s Rail Network

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In a significant development for India’s railways, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched around 2,000 railway projects worth ₹41,000 crore. These projects were inaugurated through a virtual event, showcasing the government’s dedication to modernizing the country’s rail network.

Key Highlights:

1. Amrit Bharat Station Scheme: PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the redevelopment of 553 railway stations under the Amrit Bharat scheme. This initiative aims to improve facilities by creating rooftop plazas and city centers at stations, enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

2. Road Overbridges and Underbridges: Additionally, the prime minister inaugurated the foundation stone for nearly 1,500 road overbridges and underbridges across various states. This step, conducted virtually at over 2,000 railway stations and function sites, aims to address congestion, enhance safety, and improve rail travel efficiency.

3. Amrit Bharat Stations’ Redevelopment: The Amrit Bharat stations, spanning 27 states and Union Territories, will undergo redevelopment at a cost exceeding ₹19,000 crores. These stations will be transformed into ‘city centers,’ featuring modern amenities such as roof plazas, landscaping, and improved connectivity.

4. Environmentally Friendly Design: The redeveloped stations will prioritize environmental and accessibility considerations. The architectural design will incorporate local culture, heritage, and aesthetics.

5. Gurugram Railway Station Upgrade: PM Modi initiated the upgrade of the Gurugram railway station, with an estimated cost of ₹295 crores in the first phase. The project aims to modernize facilities to accommodate future passenger footfall.

6. Gomti Nagar Station Inauguration: Modi also inaugurated the redeveloped Gomti Nagar station in Uttar Pradesh, completed at a cost of around ₹385 crores. The station features segregated arrival and departure facilities, a centrally air-conditioned environment, and modern passenger amenities.

This event highlights the government’s commitment to transforming and modernizing railway infrastructure, enhancing travel experience and connectivity for citizens across India.