Pune : Nyati Elysia Cronus Society takes innovative steps towards environmental sustainability | Tap to know more

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Nyati Elysia C3 Cronus Society, Kharadi has installed a Solar Plant which has led to a 45% reduction in electricity bills further supporting the environment too.  

Furthermore, sensor-based lights have been installed in the 32-storeyed building to decrease electricity consumption during non-peak hours, contributing significantly to energy conservation.

Jayesh Maduskar, Chairman of the Society said, “This initiative started from saving the electricity cost for common area usage and moving towards green energy. Initially, we installed motion sensor lights in common areas to save electricity and that’s how we saved around 10-15% of energy every month. Furthermore, we had already installed solar water heaters which worked well for us therefore we decided to expand to solar plants. We have installed TATA solar panels through a vendor in Pune on our rooftop.”

Further speaking about the challenges faced, he said, ” There were a few challenges we faced such as getting the load increased by MSEDCL and as the building is highrise we had to take care of energy load and through our structural engineers we then installed panels by February end. We also got ISO certification. Through this, we are expecting to save 40-50% on electricity costs.”

Another resident, Shrikant said, “We have installed a 15 kilowatt plant. And this plant has been installed to reduce the electricity bill and more towards environmentally friendly mode. Earlier we used to get 60-70,000 bills for our common area and with the installation of Solar Power we are expecting a huge reduction in the same.”

This initiative by Nyati Elysia Cronus marks a substantial step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability and has set an example for others to follow in the journey towards a greener and sustainable future.

Manasi Patil