Pune : Persistent Water Leakage in Pune’s Ramabai Vasti Causes Concerns Among Residents

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In Pune’s Parvati area, a troubling situation has emerged with a persistent water leakage near Ramabai Vasti, resulting in the loss of over a thousand litres of drinking water daily. Despite residents repeatedly complaining to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the leakage continues, raising worries about resource management and civic neglect.

Residents affected by the issue have spoken out, highlighting the seriousness of the problem and the immediate need for action. The ongoing water leakage not only wastes valuable drinking water but also poses environmental and financial risks for the municipality and taxpayers.

Vijay Kamble, a resident, expressed disappointment, saying, “People in Pune are facing water scarcity. Initially, the hole was small, and PMC workers came for maintenance, but the repair was inadequate, leading to the hole enlarging. Despite multiple complaints, no action has been taken for over 10 days, resulting in thousands of litres of wasted water.”

Balasaheb Powar, another resident, added, “Water pressure increases at night, causing the road to flood with water splashing. Commuters passing through the bridge get soaked.” Ganesh Pawar echoed similar concerns, stating, “Every day, we watch precious drinking water flowing away while we struggle with shortages. It’s disheartening to see our pleas ignored. Authorities must take decisive action to fix the leak and prevent further waste.”

Sanjay Wagh, a local, expressed frustration, saying, “The water channel burst six months ago, and though repaired, the leakage resumed, leading to another burst. Millions of litres of water flow from it regularly. With summer approaching, there’s a risk of water scarcity due to municipal negligence.”

Nandkishor Jagtap, Head of PMC’s Water Department, reassured residents, saying, “The leakage will be fixed soon, and our team will monitor it regularly.”