Rediscover Bihar’s Dudhiya Malda Mango and Why the Royal Milky Fruit Requires to be Conserved from Extinction

Rediscover Bihar’s Dudhiya Malda Mango and Why the Royal Milky Fruit Requires to be Conserved from Extinction

Rediscover Bihar’s Dudhiya Malda Mango and Why the Royal Milky Fruit Requires to be Conserved from Extinction

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In the bustling heartlands of Bihar, where the Ganges weaves its serene path and echoes of history resonate in every corner, there lies an extraordinary treasure. This treasure is not gold or jewels, but a unique variety of mango known as the Dudhiya Malda. Revered as the king of mangoes in Bihar, the Dudhiya Malda’s story is as rich and flavorful as the fruit itself. Let us delve into the enchanting world of the Dudhiya Malda and explore why this milky fruit deserves preservation from the brink of extinction.

A Historical Delight

The story of the Dudhiya Malda mango begins with a tale steeped in history. It is said that Nawab Fida Hussain of Lucknow, an aficionado of horticulture, brought a sapling of this remarkable mango from near the Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. Planted in the fertile soil of Digha, Patna, this mango flourished under the Nawab’s careful supervision. What set this mango apart from others was an unusual method of irrigation: the Nawab, surrounded by his herd of cattle, used leftover milk to nourish the young sapling. This unconventional practice imbued the mango with a distinctive character, producing a fruit so divine that it captured the hearts of connoisseurs far and wide.

The Quintessential Dudhiya Malda

The Dudhiya Malda mango is not just any fruit; it is a symphony of flavours and textures that enchant the senses. Its defining characteristics include a thin seed, generous pulp, and a delicate peel, all combining to create an unparalleled sensory experience. Each bite reveals a sweetness that lingers, accompanied by a distinctive milky-white hue—a visual testament to its unique cultivation. In a world full of mangoes, the Dudhiya Malda stands out, a pearl amidst a sea of commonality, sought after by those who appreciate the finest in nature’s bounty.

Bihar’s Gift to the World

While the Dudhiya Malda’s roots are firmly planted in Bihar, its fame extends far beyond its homeland. From the place Digha, the consignments for mango travel to about 33 countries, whilst spreading joy and sweetness on the way and globally. This mango’s journey is a testament to its universal appeal, captivating heads of state and humble fruit lovers alike. Countries such as the USA, England, Japan, and the UAE eagerly anticipate each year’s harvest, highlighting the global demand for this exquisite fruit.

Despite its international fame, the Dudhiya Malda remains a symbol of Bihar’s rich tradition and heritage. The story of its spread can be traced back to 1952 when film actor Raj Kapoor and singer Suraiya, captivated by the mango’s aroma, transported cartons of Dudhiya Malda to Mumbai, igniting a frenzy. Former Indian President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a native of Bihar, played a pivotal role in promoting this mango, sharing it with prominent figures, including Indira Gandhi. This gesture showcased Bihar’s culinary heritage on a national stage. Even during his tenure at Rashtrapati Bhavan, President Prasad often reminisced about the mangoes from Digha, ensuring that consignments were sent to notable personalities annually.

Preserving a Legacy

As urbanization encroaches upon the lush orchards of Digha, the Dudhiya Malda faces an existential threat. The once verdant landscapes are giving way to concrete structures, reducing the number of trees to around 100. This drastic decline underscores the urgent need for conservation efforts. Organizations and individuals must unite in planting Dudhiya Malda trees on a larger scale, ensuring that future generations can savour the magic of this mango. The conservation of Dudhiya Malda is not merely about preserving a particular fruit; it is about safeguarding a symbol of Bihar’s cultural identity and agricultural heritage.

A Legacy Intertwined with Culture

The tale of the Dudhiya Malda is more than just a story about mangoes; it is a narrative of resilience and passion. The Dudhiya Malda has endured the test of time as it went from Nawab Fida Hussain’s innovative and breakthrough cultivation methods to the bustling markets of so-called contemporary Bihar. It stands as a beacon of sweetness and tradition in a rapidly changing world. Each bite of this divine fruit is a reminder of the hands that nurtured it, the land that bore it, and the spirit that defines it.

In savouring a Dudhiya Malda mango, one is not merely tasting fruit but experiencing a piece of history. This mango is tightly woven into the rich cultural tapestry spread of Bihar and embodies a legacy of taste and tradition. So, the next time you enjoy a juicy Dudhiya Malda, remember that you are partaking in a culinary journey that spans centuries and continents, a journey that is as much about preserving heritage as it is about delighting the palate.