Resilience Triumphs: The inspirational journey of Preeti Beniwal from adversity to IAS success

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The inspiring journey of Preeti Beniwal unfolds against a backdrop of resilience and determination, showcasing her remarkable rise to become an IAS officer despite facing immense challenges. 

Hailing from Dupedi village in Haryana, Preeti’s early education in a private school near her village laid the foundation for her academic excellence. After excelling in her 10th examination, she pursued her 12th in Madlauda and furthered her education with a B.Tech and M.Tech from Israna College.

Preeti’s journey took a dramatic turn in December 2016 when she met with an accident at Ghaziabad railway station. 

In the year 2016, Preeti was going to Ghaziabad to appear for departmental promotion in FCI, during which she became the victim of a train accident. Due to her feet slipping, she fell in front of the train and the train passed over her body.

Despite the severity of the incident, which required 14 surgeries and a year of bedridden recovery, Preeti faced another setback as her husband and in-laws rejected her. 

Undeterred by adversity, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Working as a clerk in a rural bank and later as an FCI Assistant General II, Preeti’s determination remained unwavering. 

She failed in the UPSC exam twice but in the year 2020, she cracked the UPSC exam and secured All India 754th rank. Today he is an example for all those who get discouraged by the struggles and sorrows of life.

In 2021, she achieved success by securing a position in the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi. Preeti’s life story serves as an inspiration for overcoming challenges and defying societal norms. 

Her message to the new generation emphasizes self-worth, resilience, and the importance of maintaining mental well-being, urging individuals not to succumb to the pressures of exams or external judgments. In the face of personal tragedy, Preeti Beniwal emerged stronger, symbolizing hope, courage, and triumph over adversity.