Rickshaw Wine Shop: Have You Heard Of This Auto Running On Mumbai Streets?

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Several videos full of creativity are going viral on social media. Either people are being trolled or appreciated for the kind of content they create. Videos of auto rickshaws and auto drivers refusing to take passengers are the most common ones.

Currently, a similar video has gone viral on social media. Many people must have traveled by rickshaw several times and paid high fares. But this rickshaw has a special facility. This three-wheeler is called Rickshaw Wine Shop. This auto that is running on the roads of Dombivali, Mumbai, provides alcohol to its customers. 

In this video, you can see numerous bottles of alcohol inside this rickshaw. Some are placed on the side of the seat and some on the handles. This video has been shared from the Instagram account yogesh.gajjar.902266 and is going viral on social media.

This is a story based on a viral video. Mumbai Pulse Does Not Authenticate It And Also Not Responsible.