Road Rage Incident in Bengaluru: Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Vandalize Car in Daylight

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In a recent incident of road rage in Bengaluru, captured on camera and shared on an automobile updates website, auto-rickshaw drivers were seen vandalizing a car in broad daylight. The anonymous driver, recounting the incident, stated that it took place at south Bengaluru’s Ejipura signal during an afternoon work event.

The driver admitted to driving at a speed of 70 to 80 kilometers per hour and overtaking a few cars but maintained that he had done nothing wrong.

The video, posted on a YouTube channel, revealed the driver’s frequent lane changes at high speed, as recorded by the car’s dash cam. However, as the driver recounted, two autos were reportedly upset that he hadn’t allowed them to pass and slot in behind the Honda City in front of him.

Subsequently, the auto-rickshaw drivers allegedly attempted to intimidate him, eventually forcing him to stop the Volkswagen car by cornering him. In the YouTube video, one of the alleged auto-rickshaw drivers knocked on the driver’s window, smashing it, while another questioned him angrily from outside the window.

The footage then showed the car at the service center, with technicians assessing the damage.

Sharing the aftermath, the car driver revealed, “From the moment the tempered glass shattered, I was bleeding from my ear as well as my arms which had some fragments that punctured it.” While the video depicted the aggression of the auto-rickshaw drivers, many observers pointed out the driver’s own reckless driving as the catalyst for the incident.

Commenting on the incident, Bengaluru police urged residents to use their emergency contact number for assistance in difficult situations.