Students enrolled under RTE must take new admissions after class 8, say Pune schools over reimbursement delays

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Defying government directives, several schools in Pune have cancelled registrations of students, who enrolled under the Right to Education Act (RTE) due to unpaid fees.

As per information, the Government owes these schools significant fees for RTE students, creating financial strain. New RTE rules state that students won’t be admitted to English medium schools if there’s a government or aided school within 1 km. Moreover, the government won’t reimburse fees for such students. Consequently, English medium schools are cautious. The government has spent around Rs 1,700 crore for RTE admissions up to Class 8, but reimbursement delays are concerning.

To mitigate risks, schools suggest RTE students seek new admissions after Class 8 for financial stability and uninterrupted education. If fees aren’t paid by the government or parents, it could jeopardize education for students in higher classes. Therefore, withdrawing certificates and seeking fresh admissions is advisable. This step ensures clarity and stability for both schools and students.

Sharad Gosavi, Chairperson, of Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary and Higher Education, said, “Also, the government will not be responsible for the fee reimbursement amount of these students if they take admission in such a school. Therefore, most of the English medium schools have taken a cautious stance. If the parents are ready to pay the fees of the respective school, the school should not cancel the students’ certificates,”

In response to these challenges, schools are taking proactive measures to safeguard educational continuity and financial viability, reflecting the complexity and urgency of the issue.