Swiggy agent refuses to deliver food to woman, stating ‘do whatever you want to do’; company intervenes

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A recent incident involving a Swiggy customer has shed light on the challenges faced by users in the world of food delivery. Neha S took to social media to express her frustration when the assigned delivery agent refused to deliver her order, leaving her children with no choice but to settle for Maggi noodles.

In her tweet, Neha detailed the delivery agent’s dismissive attitude, quoting him as saying, “‘Mere pas time nahi hai, jo karna hai kar lo, nahi le kar aunga order’ (I don’t have time, do whatever you want, I won’t deliver the order).” The post gained attention, prompting Swiggy to respond and assure that the matter was resolved through a phone call, and that a refund was issued promptly.

However, the incident sparked additional commentary from social media users. Some pointed out the curious coincidence that the delivery person shared the name with India’s cricket captain, Rohit Sharma. Others couldn’t help but highlight the seemingly exorbitant price Neha paid for vada pav, a street snack typically priced around Rs 15, but she purchased it for Rs 100.

Social media users chimed in with humorous remarks, with one user stating, “Buying Vada Pav at 100 bucks is a crime and sin and you’re paying for it.” Another user injected a touch of cricket humor, commenting, “On a lighter note, Rohit Sharma has already delivered a win for India today (February 5).”

While Swiggy addressed the specific issue at hand, these incidents continue to draw attention to the broader challenges and occasional humor associated with the world of food delivery apps.