Tata Institute’s groundbreaking ₹100 tablet to reduce cancer treatment side effects and prevent resurgence

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The Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) has made a big breakthrough in cancer treatment. They’ve created a tablet that costs only ₹100, aiming to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and prevent cancer from coming back.

Dr. Rajendra Badwe, Director of the Tata Memorial Centre, shared this exciting news about the institute’s research success.

This breakthrough happened after Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) doctors studied cancer treatment for ten years. They found out that when cancer cells die after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, they release tiny particles called cell-free chromatin. These particles can turn healthy cells into cancerous ones.

The study showed that a combination of resveratrol and copper, which are found in some foods, can destroy these chromatin particles. This helps in reducing the harmful effects of chemotherapy on patients. This discovery is a big step forward in cancer treatment, focusing on stopping cancer from coming back and making treatment side effects less severe. The new tablet is expected to be very helpful in dealing with these challenges. Dr. Badwe mentioned that understanding how cancer spreads has been a significant outcome of this research.

Although the tablet is still being tested on patients, Dr. Badwe warned that it might take a few years before it’s widely available. The initial tests have shown good results, so they’re starting larger trials with more patients. The institute is working with drug companies to make the tablet available in stores soon.

The groundbreaking ₹100 tablet from Tata Memorial Centre could change the way cancer is treated. It offers an affordable solution to reduce treatment side effects and improve patient outcomes, bringing hope to many people fighting cancer.